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Is India ready to handle Heat Wave 2023?

Last year, people in India suffered devastating #heatwaves between March and April ( #summer ), with five times increased #heatwave days and an 8°C higher temperature than the average #temperature between March and April. Further, in the last few months of this year, due to the lack of #winterstorm in the #mediterranean , there may be possibilities that Western Disturbance (WD) shall be ineffective in disorganising the recently growing #warm regions. The WD is a tropical cyclone that originated in the #mediterraneansea and moves towards #india up to south-eastern #nepal and northern #bangladesh . The high-pressure system displayed over regions like #russia , #ukraine , and neighboring countries causes cold air influx from the Polar Regions towards an area of relatively warmer air with significant moisture. Consequently, an extratropical depression that moves eastward is formed in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in the pressure change from cold to warm air. This creates ideal c
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Climate Change Feedback Loop

During the discussion of Terraforming Mars, the "climate change feedback loop" came into the picture. In simple words, the climate change feedback loops are cyclical contraption chain reactions, where one change triggers further changes, and the complete process keeps repeating itself. There are two types of feedback loops, positive and negative. The negative feedback loops tend to dampen or reduce the changes. The system tends to hold some equilibrium state, making it more stable. However, the positive feedback loops enhance or amplify changes. The system tends to move away from its equilibrium state, making it more unstable. The point of concern is that some scientists believe that the carbonation of soil and sea, along with the photosynthesis done by plants and trees, is part of a negative feedback loop. However, in the long run, the same becomes a part of a positive feedback loop. Global warming melting polar ice caps leads to disturbance of ocean currents by salinity dif

Heliosphere and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Heliosphere and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation During the discussion on how to harness the  #energy  radiated by the  #sun , to become a type 2  #civilization  characterized by Kardashev, the question arises we are not even close to type 1 civilization, and we are thinking of type 2 and 3. On further discussion, we identified the heliosphere, the protective magnetic bubble generated due to charged particles (electrons and ions or plasma) streaming away from the Sun, which can be a possible explanation of  #cosmic   #microwave   #background  ( #cmb )  #radiation . Considering the heliosphere distance of 100 AU (Astronomical Unit) from the Sun, our  #earth  is approximately at the center of the heliosphere with a distance variation of about 0.01 times the 100 AU. Bingo! If this is true, can microwave photons having an energy of about one micro electron volts (eV) to 0.001 electron volts readily be scattered by the heliosphere? #thoughtsbecomethings   #thoughts   #scienceandtechnol

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Potential of Electric Vehicles (4-Wheeler)

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Potential of Electric Vehicles (4-Wheeler) Currently, the #indian #electricalvehicle #industry (IEVI) has gathered momentum due to a rise in #crudeoil prices and support provided to the IEVI by #governmentsupport . People are readily adopting Electrical Vehicles (EVs), intending to reduce monthly expenditures. However, there is still a need for advancement in infrastructure facilities, including #greenenergy supply, #chargingstations , and highly efficient charging systems for the mass shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs. In 2019, EVs represented only 0.1% of total #fourwheeler (4W) light-duty passenger road vehicle sales. When the life cycle #greenhousegas (GHG) emissions compared the 3 Nos. of most popular brands of the available EVs with the available counterpart light-duty passenger road vehicles based on Petrol (Spark Ignition), and Diesel (Compression Ignition), the picture becomes hazier. The green-colored positive