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Shallow Aquifer - Weakening Foundation

Shallow Aquifer - Weakening Foundation Significant Cracks on Building Structure  During the testing of our newly developed chemical for waterproofing, we observed significant cracks in the basement of the newly constructed buildings in nearly all the metro cities of India. On investigation, we found that these buildings or their neighbouring buildings have incorporated Ground Water Recharge Wells. On further investigation, we found that the said Ground Water Recharge Wells were not been designed by competent personnel. The management has given the contract to the lowest bidder. Note: Ground Water System is very complex and needs an expert to design a sustainable Ground Water Recharge Wells. How are these major basement cracks related to Ground Water Recharge Wells? During the design of the Foundation, we all came up with the terminology Uplift Pressure or Hydrostatic Uplift, defined as an upward pressure applied to a structure that has the potential to raise it relative to its surround
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Rain Water Management

In Continuation of my previous post regarding  Water Management , written a long back, there is still a need for Rain Water Management. Yesterday, one of my team members asked me the question  Why nature is so harsh to us!, is all the current scenario of fash flooding in India is due to Global Warming and Climate Change? I thought for a moment and replied:  Yes, the uneven rain is due to the Climate Change, Global Warming is one of the reasons of the same, however, the flash flooding is due to poor practices and governance in India . He stared at me and asked me  What is Government to do with all, heavy rain and flooding are a natural phenomenon, why you always so skeptical with Government Policies, this time I won't accept your justification? I asked him,  What is the surface area of Surat City? He replied,  Let me search, it's around 327 km2. Immediately I took the calculator, did the calculations and replied,  Ok, the city will generate about 910 m3/Sec of wate

Smart Arrest Procedure - Benefiting Law Enforcement

Considering the current scenario there is a need of Amendment in Police Arrest Procedure. On Arrest of any individual, the maximum number of individual's blood relative should be informed for the happening, through SMS notification, so that they can reach immediately to observe the individual's physical as well as mental condition and the cause of arrest. On Arrest of any individual, the local civil hospital should also be intimated for the happening, so that the Government Doctor can physically examine the individual, in presence of blood relative and/or local guardian, if no blood relative has been visited within an hour of arrest. The Doctor should examine the individual on Arrest, on bringing to Magistrate, on Hearing, and further Proceedings, to compare the individual's physical as well as mental conditions during the custody. On Arrest of any individual, the nearest magistrate having jurisdiction should also be intimated for the happening, to track the whole rec

True Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD),  a process which is meant to be beneficial to effluent generating organizations, by saving money, as well as "Environment" , as nearly all the generated waste have been reused back. ZLD can be achieved by following means, 1) Thermal Operations 2) Filtration Operations 3) Combinations of Both The main constraint of above-mentioned means are, the both technologies require high CAPEX as well as OPEX. Consequently, water treatment experts were seeking for new innovative means, by which they can achieve ZLD, in most Economical Way. The process, which makes me write this article , one of the most adopted ZLD System, for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant Reject, is Spaying Reject into the Atmosphere. The said system looks like this Coming to the point, which your "So-called Water Treatment Experts" didn't tell you, is ZLD simply means, "ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE".  Spraying high  Total Dissolved S

Heat Wave in India

Here it Comes..... Comments and suggestions are welcome!!

So called Sustainable Policies Leading to Catastrophe

Sustainable Development is a very complex idea, which makes it is very difficult to understand, even to the Policymakers.   “Sustainable Development is the development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” - Brundtland Commission Ministries of the Government of India have come up with various schemes from time to time. Not getting into any political debate, if one look closely the policy making has been boomed from 2015.  However, it seems like policymakers have misinterpreted the sustainable development terminology and/or the pressure of making more number of policies had requisite them to make contradictory policies, which shall lead to catastrophe. For example, consider the case of "Water Resource in India". India represents 16% of the World Population, accounts for 2.45% of Land Area and Only 4% of Water Resources of the World. The government had already imposed Regulati

Denge (Will give) Dengue!!

Past month, dengue was spread in the Ahmedabad, mostly in its west, due to adequate ambient temperature for breeding of Aedes Aegypti, white striped mosquito which spread the dengue and other virus. But, alone, temperature is not the major cause of spreading dengue. The "unseasonal rains" enhances the water accumulation for breeding of the mosquitoes. The water accumulated for more than day or two is adequate for the mosquito breeding, and accumulated water can be found in houses, parks, pubic buildings, "thrown scrap", etc. One should not forget that, Aedes Aegypti bites during the day time. Hence, wearing long-sleeved clothes and burning or spraying the mosquito repellent during the day is advised. But, are you really think, this is the solution of the problem. No, it's not. "We" have to take stand to clean our neighborhood. "We" means, every individual.  For example, recently, one of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's